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We know aging has its issues. We have found that seniors and their families really like to get information, and not just from sitting in an attorney’s office. We at Oklahoma Senior Law, we love an informed client that comes in and knows the issues and is ready to get a plan. Check out our blog posts, here on this page we have links to webinars that are free (and offer a discount if you watch it all) and when we do public events, we will list them here.

Our Free Basics of Elder Law Webinar

A Webinar is a seminar that’s done on the web. It’s really easy. You just click the link, pick a time that works for you and sign up. You will get email reminders when it’s about to run.
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Our Blog Posts

Blog posts are written articles that we create as the mood strikes us or based on cases and events. They are great ways to get information that is pretty fresh and up to date.
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Let us help you. As a Senior, you need an attorney that can meet your specific legal needs at this point in your life. Your legal needs are not the same now as they were even 20 years ago. You need attorneys who know those needs very well. We are experienced Elder Law attorneys and we would love to work with you.