The Covid crisis has changed many things.  Some of us are social distancing, reducing the errands we run, or even tightening the belt due to economic concerns. 

Even in normal times the lurking uncertainty can be hard but during a crisis the uncertainty can be overbearing.   What can we do? 

We can take action to plan for ourselves and our families. 

We always recommend planning, no matter how simple, and during a crisis it is even more  important.  Think about the following:

Now is the time to consider these items and make a plan.  We are meeting with clients both in person and virtually using the internet in order to help them make a plan for these practical things during uncertain times.  Planning helps lighten the weight of uncertainty.

Call us to set up an appointment and we can talk about the legal documents you need during the Covid crisis.  918-901-7777 or email us at

Jorjana Marx, JD

Blaine Frizzell, JD, LLM

Todd Whatley, JD, LLM, CELA

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