What is Estate Planning for Seniors?

Because Seniors have specific concerns during this stage of life, Seniors need specific Estate Planning. Watch Attorney Blaine Frizzell discuss this topic and explain why we focus on planning for Seniors.

What is Probate?

Probate doesn’t have to be overwhelming! In this video Attorney Jorjana Marx answers common questions about Probate in Oklahoma and explains the process.

What are Powers Of Attorney and Why Are They Crucial?

The most important documents a person can have are Powers of Attorney. Attorney Blaine Frizzell explains Powers of Attorney, why the documents are a crucial part of Estate Planning and what the documents need to contain.

Long Term Care Planning

Planning for Long Term care is a large part of Estate Planning for Seniors. Long Term Care costs can consume lifetime savings! Attorney Jorjana Marx discusses our work helping clients plan for Long Term Care costs and qualifying for Medicaid benefits in Oklahoma.

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Let us help you. As a Senior, you need an attorney that can meet your specific legal needs at this point in your life. Your legal needs are not the same now as they were even 20 years ago. You need attorneys who know those needs very well. We are experienced Elder Law attorneys and we would love to work with you.