Estate Planning

Estate planning for Seniors is more than just planning where your property goes after your death.  Our experience helping families with the legal issues that Seniors face has led us to be Estate Planning Attorneys with an eye towards documents that help Seniors while they are still enjoying their retirement years.  

As a Senior, your estate planning should include considerations of long-term care expenses, home health or care facilities, available government benefits, family dynamics, Powers of Attorney, and Advanced Directives.  Estate planning for Seniors is making a plan for living in the best possible way!  Your estate planning documents should be prepared to make that possible.  

Although we always speak with each client and determine what documents is best for him or her, a typical estate plan includes a Will or Revocable Living Trust, Pour Over Wills if necessary, Deeds when appropriate, Powers of Attorney and an Advanced Healthcare Directive to document our clients’ wishes.

We want you to have a plan you understand and feel like you have exactly what you need.  We do not push for excessive planning or talk clients into unnecessary Trusts.  We work with you to create a simple plan that protects you and your family and gives you peace of mind about a great future.

Whether you are looking to create your estate plan for the first time or to update your existing plan, Oklahoma Senior Law can help you create your comprehensive and personalized estate plan, providing you peace of mind that your wishes will be followed. 

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Let us help you. As a Senior, you need an attorney that can meet your specific legal needs at this point in your life. Your legal needs are not the same now as they were even 20 years ago. You need attorneys who know those needs very well. We are experienced Elder Law attorneys and we would love to work with you.