Transitioning Care of a Loved One

Thinking about nursing homes

Have you been thinking about transitioning your parent to a care facility or a nursing home?  Many of us have gone through this process and we know it is not an easy matter, no matter how badly it is needed.  Often your parent does not want to leave the home he has lived in for […]

“Of Course I can sign for him, I’m his wife”

husband and wife

“I have power of attorney because I’m his wife!” As Elder Law attorneys we always recommend that clients have current, expanded, elder-law powers of attorney.  Sometimes there is confusion around those documents and we help our clients understand the reasons why we recommend them. First, many times a client assumes her husband can automatically act on […]

Practical Steps During Covid

this isn't forever

The Covid crisis has changed many things.  Some of us are social distancing, reducing the errands we run, or even tightening the belt due to economic concerns.  Even in normal times the lurking uncertainty can be hard but during a crisis the uncertainty can be overbearing.   What can we do?  We can take action to […]

Are Your Affairs in Order?

blocked off facility

As of me writing this (late July 2020), we are definitely living in a very different time.  I don’t think of myself as “old” but I do have more than a few decades under my belt. I’ve never seen nor even imagined a time such as this.  The aging population during times of quarantine need […]

Is a Family Caregiver the Right Decision?

Older man young lady dancing

Family caregivers are truly unsung heroes. They volunteer to provide physical and emotional care for their elderly, ill and/or disabled loved ones without fanfare or pay. According to the National Alliance for Caregiving, nearly 44 million Americans provided unpaid care to a dependent loved one last year. These are parents, adult children, spouses, and even […]

We are finally recognizing the need for Elder Law Attorneys.

Older Hands

The American Bar Association just posted a great article about the need for Elder Law experts.  This does a good job of showing why you need the  expertise of an attorney who really knows the implications of estate planning, Medicaid, Veteran’s Benefits, Medicine and Social Work (anything  else need to be on that list?!?!?!?) Check […]