Blaine Frizzell, JD, LLM - Tax

Attorney at Law

Blaine Frizzell, JD, LLM – Tax Law

Blaine has practiced law in Tulsa, Oklahoma 31 years. From his office in Tulsa, Blaine has assisted clients throughout northeast Oklahoma. Over the years, Blaine has realized that his greatest satisfaction comes from assisting helping individuals and small businesses solve their legal issues. Most of Blaine’s practice has concentrated in helping individuals with their estate planning and probate issues and helping small businesses start, build and sell their companies on a firm legal footing.

Blaine recognized that there were few lawyers practicing elder law in northeast Oklahoma and there were no certified elder law attorneys outside of Oklahoma City. Blaine knows the legal community in Tulsa very well and he, along with area lawyers had many misconceptions about what elder law attorneys can do to assist their clients. In 2018, Blaine attended an elder law seminar where he met Todd. Todd quickly convinced Blaine that there were many potential clients in northeast Oklahoma that needed good elder law advice. After Todd showed Blaine some of the things that he could do to assist clients , Blaine immediately realized that people in northeast Oklahoma (and the lawyers in northeast Oklahoma!) need to be educated on the many things that can be done to assist clients to address the overwhelming cost of long term care.

Not long after forming Oklahoma Senior Law, a client came to the office with his daughter to discuss how to pay for long term care for his wife who had recently been admitted to a nursing facility. The client thought that his best alternative was to move in with his daughter in order to have preserve enough money to pay for his wife’s long term care. In our meeting, Todd proposed a plan that not only protected the client’s assets that he had worked so hard to accumulate but also allowed the client to remain in his own home. As the client left the office, we asked who was happier about the plan, the client or his daughter! From that point on, Blaine was hooked on elder law and the satisfaction that comes with helping clients navigate the uncertainties of paying for long-term care without losing all of their assets.

Professional Credentials

Licenses & Certifications

  • Licensed in Oklahoma
  • Member of the Oklahoma Bar Association (Taxation Law Section; Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Section; and Medicaid Subcommittee)
  • Member of the Tulsa County Bar Association (Tax Law Section and Probate/Estate/Elder Law Section)
  • Member of the Tulsa Title and Probate Lawyers Association.
  • Member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (Oklahoma Chapter Treasurer).

education background

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Pre-Law, Oklahoma State University.
  • Juris Doctorate from the University of Tulsa College of Law, 1989
  • LLM in Tax Law from Southern Methodist University.

Professional Experience

  • Speaker at Oklahoma Bar Association continuing education programs addressing tax, estate planning, business and elder law topics.
  • Speaker at church and community events about estate planning and elder law.