The OK Senior Law Team

Attorneys for the senior years

Each of us had very successful careers before we decided to come together.  We met at Elder Law events and got to talking.  We knew that we liked each other but then we realized each of us brought a very unique talent to the practice of law.  We quickly saw that we could bring significantly more benefit to the senior world together than we could separately.  Therefore, we began practicing together and we are helping seniors and their families in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma.  To learn more about us individually, see below.

The Team

Jorjana Marx, JD

  • Jorjana is Native Tulsan who spent some time practicing law in Washington State.  She’s very happy to be back home.
  • Jorjana is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation.  Her indigenous roots extend to two Trail of Tears survivors who settled near Oaks, Oklahoma.  She is also descendant of French Canadian Patawatomi fur traders and tribal cheirs from the Chicago area.
  • Jorjana loves people and our clients love her.  We think you will too.  

Todd Whatley, JD, PT, LLM - Elder Law, CELA

  • Todd is the only Certified Elder Law Attorney outside of Oklahoma City.
  • Todd has been in practice for over 20 years and has helped clients in Arkansas and Oklahoma.
  • Todd was President of the National Elder Law Foundation the governing board over all CELAs nationally.
  • Todd coaches attorneys from across the country on how to become elder law attorneys or how to improve their elder law practices.

Blaine Frizzell, JD, LLM Tax

  • The two other partners say that “Blaine is never in a bad mood”.  He is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet.
  • Blaine went to Law School after Law School to study tax laws and how it effects an estate.  Blaine is the firm’s tax expert and that knowledge along with his knowledge of Medicaid and VA benefits is a tremendous benefit to the firm’s clients.
  • Blaine brings the most experience to the firm and does a tremendous job of working with clients and helping them know their estate is in order.